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Chiropractor in Lubbock Texas

Thank you very much to all of our wonderful patients. Our clinic is truly blessed to have such an amazing patient family. It is an honor to serve you with the art, gift, and quality health care that is chiropractic.

 ~ The Helton Chiropractic Team

Helton Staff have done a great job creating a safe and friendly environment.  Dr. Helton is so good and I appreciate how much he has helped with my neck issues! ~Janet Barrett

Dr. Helton is one of the most knowledgeable chiropractors I have ever been to. I feel safe during adjustments and feel amazing after! The office environment is clean, office staff is spectacular and the building is full of equipment and staff trained to help with everything! ~Wendi Kennard

I love Helton Chiropractic!  I moved to Dallas but come back here for adjustments w Dr. Helton and to see Austin for a massage when ever I am back in the area. I definitely recommend this great office and wonderful staff!!
~Traci Harris

My wife and I moved to Lubbock about 5 years ago. We are in our mid 70’s! I have been under chiropractic care for over 40 years.  I have never been under better care. The staff is courteous and caring.  They have the latest in treatment technology and equipment. I have been treated by all three Doctors and all are great.  ~Jimmy Derrick

I have been seeing Dr. Helton for over 5 years. I receive regular adjustments by Dr. Helton and sometimes other treatments. I have been pain free for 5 or more years and have been able to participate in activities that I one time was very painful. I recommend chiropractic treatment. ~Sharon Dickson

Everyone at the office is very friendly and professional.  Always willing to work with my schedule.  Feel 110% better leaving the place.~Jose Barron

Dr. Helton has been such a blessing to me for  a very long time.  I love him and his staff so much....there have been times when I needed immediate attention and I got right into the office.  When I feel good I’m a better person and my regular maintenance care allows that for me.  Dr. Helton will never pretend to be able to help you if it’s a problem that needs different medical care....and he will direct you to others if he can.  He and his staff truly care about their patients.  Thank you Dr. Helton for taking good care of me. ~Cheryl Karr

I cannot say enough good about Dr. Helton and his staff.  It is obvious that they care about the well being of each patient.  If you are looking for a friendly and clean environment, this is it!

I appreciate the fact that Dr. Helton is careful to get x-rays before doing any initial treatment. I could barely walk when I first went in, and I could've ended up a lot worse if he hadn't.  Dr. Helton was very informative with me about my treatment plan.  He explained everything in detail so that there were no surprises.  Now, I go in for readjustments on an as needed basis.  

I highly recommend Helton Chiropractic to anyone that needs chiropractic care.
~Dana Wuthrich

Dr. Ramos has been hands down the best. And of course his staff is great as well. They are very welcoming. Dr. Ramos has help be accomplish moments i haven't been able to do in quite some time due to my Rheumatoid Arthritis.
~Tammy Hernandez

They have always taken great care with my infant and his needs. Their staff is very friendly and the physician's bedside manners impeccable. ~Annie Zischkau

Treatment has helped me immensely. My back feels so much better. I enjoy going for these treatments. The Lamesa office treats me with such kindness and compassion. I highly recommend them.  ~Debra Hardman

Dr. Jason Helton and his talented team are winners! I am impressed by the treatments and modalities they use in re-developing the body from very traumatic injuries that I sustained in a terrible car accident. I trust this Guy! Highly recommend! Do it! ~Paul T

Dr. Helton and his staff have been great. Very informative and successful in correcting some things going on with my daughter. Her pain is gone and now we are just maintaining. ~Kim Watson

As a vascular surgeon, a mother, a dedicated athlete and a survivor of a car accident that included a pelvic crush injury, I have put a toll on my body and live with chronic pain. For 2 years, the pain in my hip has been constant, waxing and waning but never resolving. One session of Matrix electroanalgesia, and I was completely  pain free for 48 hours. Laser therapy, decompression and chiropractic adjustment by Dr Helton, and I am moving better than I have in years.  I cannot say enough about how great I feel after receiving treatment at Helton Chiropractic ~Cassidy Duran

Staff are very friendly,  adjustments are helping posture and back issues.  No issues with billing or insurance.  Clinic is always very clean.  Highly recommend!
~Tom Gonzales

I’ve been to other chiropractors before, this has been the absolute best. I don’t pay extra for having a nice building or pleasant staff - it comes standard with the amazing service. Sr. Helton helped get me back in my feet two years ago when I couldn’t even stand because of the pain I was in. No surgery, no pills, just a series of realignments. LOVE the staff, love the service!  ~Cheyenne Autumn

I have benefited greatly from my time at Helton. The staff is not only very professional and friendly but I have seen deep, long-term improvement I have never experienced with other chiropractic treatment. Structurally my bones and spine are becoming more aligned, which has resulted in a radical decrease in tension headaches and muscle pain. Even yesterday, I went in with a throbbing shoulder after sleeping on it wrong and once I was adjusted the pain was gone within a few hours. Would highly recommend to anyone who wants to see lasting change! ~Lucy Greenberg

I didn't know what to expect when visiting a chiropractor for the first time and was a little nervous. Let me tell you that the staff and physicians are all amazing! Everyone made me feel comfortable and explained the whole process with me. They also have great payment plans and are always willing to work with you if you can not afford care or if your insurance deductible is super high.   ~Kristen Maloy

After 1 year 5 months & 13 days with pain that has ultimately rendered me unable to work & support myself, after countless doctors & diagnostic tests which led nowhere, & after having to relocate from Florida back to Texas to live with family, I have finally found a compassionate physician who really listens and has begun to give me some answers at Helton Chiropractic. Today is the first day in a long time when I have felt some hope for the future and I am truly grateful.
~ Mitzi Nicole Ritter

If anyone is in need of chiropractic care, this is the place to go! Not only do they have a high quality facility, they have a high quality staff that goes the extra mile for you! They make sure you know your options, and they are very flexible. Dr. Chambless is wonderful, and I am grateful that he and Dr. Helton fixed me up!
~ Chasity Chavez

Dr. Helton and all the other doctors are absolutely wonderful!! This is one of the best chiropractors and I would absolutely recommend to anyone that they go here. The ladies are so kind, friendly and patient and the atmosphere is always welcoming. I've been coming for over a year and I have never felt better!  
~Hannah Wheeler

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