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Now at Helton Chiropractic!

The New Matrix Pain Relief System

The Matrix Pain Relief System treats:

  1. Muscular Pain

  2. Management of chronic pain

  3. Pain from Sports Injuries

  4. Pain from diabetic neuropathy

  5. Relaxation of muscle spasms

  6. And many more….

Electro-analgesia is a non-surgical, drug-free treatment delivered by the Matrix Pain Relief System offered in office at Helton Chiropractic.  The Matrix delivers precise dosages of electrical energy that stimulate peripheral nerves (the nerves that connect the brain and spinal cord to limbs and organs) to block your pain.

What is Electro-analgesia?

Electro-analgesia is the use of computer controlled electrical stimulation in multiple frequencies and intensities to stimulate the peripheral nerves, which will reduce or “block” pain. The Matrix Pain Relief System delivers Electro-analgesia by using high frequency energy delivered at high dosages to reduce the ability of the affected nerves to transmit pain signals.  It’s like a nerve block with electrical energy instead of an injection (such as an epidural).


How is the Matrix different than a TENS or electric muscle stimulation?

Matrix delivers10 to 1000 times higher frequency currents by utilizing more power and a much more effective electrical delivery system. Electro-analgesia treatments use a high dosage electrical energy 8,300 to 10,000 Hz (pulses per second) while simultaneously delivering high dosage of energy (as high as 100Ma) to block pain.  The Matrix uses very large electrode pads that reduce skin resistance and increase contact area.  This allows the electrical energy to penetrate deeper into the patient’s tissue to block pain signals. The higher frequencies of alternating electrical current move through the skin quickly and efficiently patients rarely experience any discomfort. 


The Matrix electro-analgesia can be used for the following:

  • Pain

  • Management of chronic pain

  • Sports Injuries

  • Pain from diabetic neuropathy

  • Pain from stable bone fractures

  • Post-surgical and post-traumatic pain

  • Increasing local blood circulation

  • Increasing range of motion         

  • Muscle Re-education 

  • Relaxation of muscle spasms

  • Prevention of disuse atrophy


Q:    How are the treatments performed?


A:   EA treatments are performed by placing large, suction cup style electrodes over four areas of the body that correlate to your specific pain symptoms.  Treatment plans are prescribed by your treating physician, and all technicians are trained in EA protocols and safety and will frequently check with you to ensure your comfort and safety.  Treatment times are 15-25 minutes.


Q:  What can I expect during and after treatment?


A:  Patients should notice a partial or complete reduction of pain.  The area may tingle. Muscle tension is usually reduced in the treatment area.  Pain reduction may improve over the following 5-10 minutes and last between 2 to 4 hours up to 3 days.


Q:    Are there any side effects?


A:    There are minimal side effects associated with EA treatment.  Possible side effects may be a relaxed or fatigued sensation, mild headache, increased bowel activity, original pain may seem to move to a new location, and muscle soreness. High electrical current dosages should not cause a topical burn.


Q:    How many treatments are necessary?


A:    It normally takes 5-15 treatments but pain reduction is usually noticed after 1 treatment. Your doctor may prescribe pain management treatments daily for the first 3-5 treatments then 3 times per week for the next 2-3 weeks. It is extremely important to complete the regimen prescribed by your physician.

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Joe's Amazing Testimonial with Our Matrix Pain Relief System!

Helton Chiropractic | Electro-Pain Therapy

Hospitals, Universities, Medical Centers & Sports Teams That Have Utilized Electro-analgesic Technology To Treat Pain:


The Dallas Cowboys

The Pittsburgh Steelers

The Miami Dolphins

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Carolina Panthers

The University of Miami

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH

Loma Linda University Medical Center, Loma Linda, CA

Charles R. Drew Univ. of Medicine &Science, LA, CA

National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD


South Point Hospital, Warrensville Heights, OH

Southeast Alabama Medical Center, Dothan, AL

N. Phoenix Health Institute, Phoenix, AZ

DCH Regional Medical Center, Tuscaloosa, AL

Northside Hospital, Atlanta, GA

Garden State Pain Control, Clifton, NJ

VA Hospital Pain Clinic, Buffalo, NY

Northern Oklahoma Cancer Center, Ponca City, OK

Quincy Valley Hospital, Quincy, WA

Portland Adventist Medical Center, Portland, OR

Sarasota Memorial Hospital, Sarasota, FL

Saint Francis Hospital, Hartford, CT

Loyola Medical Center, Forest Park, IL

North Side Hospital, Atlanta, GA

USAF Medical Center, Wright Patterson, OH

U.S. Naval Medical Center, San Diego, CA

Plus, over 2,500 physicians in the USA are using Electro-analgesic medicine to help patients in PAIN.

Their patients’ outcomes are real, and these Electro-analgesic treatments successes were generated by this less expensive, less lethal, and still grossly underutilized technology. The company is now launching its new and improved version of electro-analgesic medicine – Using an advanced computer assisted High Definition frequency generator (HDfg)™ to reduce the hyper-irritated state of the nerves, Electro-analgesic treatment offers patient success in the treatment of PAIN, without piercing the skin or taking pills.


Three Modes or Pathways of pain treatment

Neuron Function Imitation (stimulate)

•  Imitates normal nerve firing frequencies

•  Prevention or retardation of disuse atrophy


Neuron Function Exhaustion (facilitate)

•  Depletion of the synaptic neurotransmitter necessary for continued action potential propagation

•  Muscle fatigue and relaxation for spasm relief


Neuron Function Interruption (inhibit)

•  Stops or interrupts the axon transport of the action impulse

•  Inhibit PAIN, in cases of severe (long term) intractable pain




EA is a non-toxic, safe, and effective treatment with minimal side effects, resulting in high patient compliance and satisfaction.

The expected outcome of this targeted electroanalgesic procedure is the reduction in the ability of the affected nerves to transmit pain signals and, at the same time, promote healing by means of the depolarization effects on the nerve cells.  The depolarization effect is accomplished by an advanced computer assisted High Definition frequency generator (HDfg) to reduce the hyper-irritated state of the nerves (8,300-10,000 pps).


Contraindications: Thrombophlebitis, manifest thrombosis, cardiac demand pacemaker, acute danger of hemorrhage, disturbances in cardiac rhythm, acute local inflammatory processes caused by bacterial or viral Infections.  Do not stimulate over carotid sinus.  Use adequate precautions in persons with suspected heart problems, epilepsy or in higher-intensity transthoracic applications.  Use precaution following recent surgical procedures when muscle contractions may disrupt the healing process.

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