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Dr. Jason Helton, Lubbock Texas Chiropractor

Dr. Jason Helton

Helton Chiropractic has been helping people LIVE THEIR LIFE in Lubbock for over 19 years. Dr. Helton prides himself on having the latest technology and training in his office to offer more options to help people get back to their live.


  • Voted Best of the West 5 years in a row

  • Lubbock's first doctor certified in Kennedy Decompression Technique for treatment of bulging and herniated discs

  • Nationally Certified in Non-Surgical Decompression through the prestigious Parker University

  • Former board member of the Texas Chiropractic Association

  • Named Outstanding Chiropractor by the Texas Chiropractic Association in August 2016

  • Board Member of the International Medical Advisory Board on Spinal Decompression


Dr. Helton's Story:

"I injured my back playing football in the 8th grade.  I tried many different options for pain but had limited results.  My parents took me to a chiropractor when I was 14 years old and I couldn't believe how much better I felt after being in pain for over a year.  After an auto accident in college, I had the opportunity to be treated by an excellent chiropractor and that experience gave me the push to pursue chiropractic.  I've now been a chiropractic patient for over 30 years and have treated my 3 children since they were born.  Our body has the inborn intelligence to be healthy if allowed to function normally.  That's what I'm here to do: help people live their lives by restoring normal nerve function."


We practice corrective care in our clinic.  We thoroughly analyze and examine the patients to find the root cause of their problems to not only get them out of pain but correct as much as possible the problems making them hurt.

As a patient at Helton Chiropractic, we will personally tailor a chiropractic and wellness program specifically targeted to your needs using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services.


Dr. Ramos is a native of Plains, TX and attended Lubbock Christian University.


He received his Doctorate from Parker University.  He is nationally certified in Non-Surgical Disc Decompression from Parker University.  Dr. Ramos is the clinic director for Helton Chiropractic Lamesa.  His wife, Krista, teaches at O' Donnell Elementary.

We practice corrective care in our clinic.  We thoroughly analyze and examine the patients to find the root cause of their problems to not only get them out of pain but correct as much as possible the problems making them hurt.


As a patient at Helton Chiropractic, we will personally tailor a chiropractic and wellness program specifically targeted to your needs using the least invasive yet highly-effective techniques and services.


Dr. Abel Ramos, Lubbock Chiropractor

Dr. Abel Ramos


Bailey is the Office Manager at Helton Chiropractic. After taking a job as a personal assistant for Dr. Helton over 5 years ago, Bailey quickly proved that she whip-smart, a work-horse, is tough but kind and has a big career in front of her.  Bailey has been a big part of the growth of the “business side” of Helton Chiropractic and works tirelessly to keep patient insurance and billing in compliance. She is currently excited to oversee the next phase of growth in the company which is includes introducing leading technologies in pain relief to the greater Lubbock area.  Bailey is also responsible for hiring and training the team members who make Helton Chiropractic what it is while enabling our talented Chiropractors to treat their patients. 


Bailey is a born West Texan and grew up in Whiteface, Texas where her Dad was the superintendent of schools. She is a and a devoted member of her precious family where she shines as daughter, sister and aunt as well as an honorary member of Dr. Helton’s family where she shines as “the coolest girl his daughters have ever met.” Bailey works out religiously and brings that energy and strength into her job every day.


Bailey is a graduate of Texas Tech University with a degree in University Studies.  She is a valued leader at Helton Chiropractic and an up and coming business leader in Lubbock. 


Mackenzie is from Andrews, Texas and moved to Lubbock to attend Texas Tech University after high school.  While continuing to pursue her degree at Texas Tech, Mackenzie has worked around her class schedule at Helton Chiropractic for over a year, often working full-time hours and taking classes.  Mackenzie has become quite good at working the front desk job, which requires a highly developed understanding of our office procedures, each doctor’s scheduling needs and patient’s needs as well.  Juggling the stress of this position is only possible for team members like Mackenzie who are energized by the many patient interactions she has.  It is impressive to see her maturity and growth in the last year and valued member of our team.  


Brooke is a 3-year veteran Therapy Technician at Helton Chiropractic.  Brooke is expert on detecting the “extra” that will put a patient at ease during their therapies.  Whether it’s a blanket for someone who gets chilly while or knee supports for a patient who’s low back is a bit more relaxed with support, Brooke is always looking for ways to make the patient experience better.


Brooke is from Snyder, Texas and graduated with an Associates Degree from Western Texas College before moving to Lubbock 5 years ago.  Brooke loves playing golf and if you ever get to play with her, you will lose, but also be the beneficiary of her ability to help you out with your own game.  It seems obvious that someone so attentive to the needs of our patients would also be great at noticing just what your golf swing needs, and in both circumstances it’s a big help! 


Brooke is also a big arts and crafts lover and always brings smiles here at Helton Chiropractic during Christmas-time, as we are recipients of the coolest and most personalized gifts of any office in town.   She is also a big dog lover and volunteers anytime she can to help charities that work for the welfare of dogs. 


Emelee is a native New Mexican who grew up in Alamagordo and moved to Lubbock a little over 3 years ago.  She has been a Therapy Specialist at Helton Chiropractic for over 2 years now and is valued member of our team and beloved by the patients she helps every day. Her passion for helping people is apparent when you watch Emelee with our patients.  Her quick smile, kind affect and hustle are proof of what she says when asked about her job:  “I absolutely love what I do and I love the people who come in here!”  It shows and Emelee is always ready to help her co-workers and our patients have a better day. 


Emelee is also proud to be moving forward with her personal life as she has plans to marry her best friend in 2020.  We this he is a pretty lucky guy to have found Emelee and so are we!


Caitlyn is filling the new position of Assistant Office Manager at Helton Chiropractic, with major potential to help the company take our business to the next level.  Caitlyn has only been with us for a few months, but has already taken over jobs like scheduling, training, and office janitorial management that are important to the success of our practice and most importantly, our patient care. 


Caitlyn is likely the first person you see when you enter our clinic and she is responsible for the appointment book, so be nice to her!  This is a big job with a lot of stress and Caitlyn handles it like a pro: always a smile on her face and in her voice. 


Caitlyn is a Lubbockite by birth and graduated from Eagle Academy.  She has been married for 8 year and is a working mom with two beautiful children, two dogs, and actually takes pleasure in cooking delicious meals for them all.  Caitlyn is also an active member of her church and loves spending time with her church friends. 


Anastasia is the Benefits Coordinator and a 3-year team member at Helton Chiropractic.  Benefits Coordinator is not just “some job title.”  This title means that she makes sure all of the insurance premiums our patients pay are used for their benefit when services are eligible for reimbursement.  This is a big, complicated, tedious job, and Anastasia does it all with style and a smile.  In addition to these responsibilities, she is a scribe for Dr. Helton, and a new patient orientation specialist.   Anastasia manages to deal with billing and insurance AND help people who are new to our clinic and possibly in pain, feel comfortable.  Then, she switches modes to go take notes for doctors in a physical medical exam and then she goes back to the insurance people.  This is not an easy job, but Anastasia says she loves it because she gets to be a part of helping people be healthier and happier. 


Anastasia also fills her days and nights by volunteering at church where she is the church camp coordinator and teaches the 3-year-old Sunday school class.  Most importantly, she is the mother to two children and an avid football Mom.  For a little downtime, she loves to read and she deserves it!


Elizabeth has been a licensed massage therapist for over 19 years.  
She's certified in Deep Tissue, mother to be massage, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and Lymphatic Massage.

She has worked in multiple chiropractic offices, with both professional and collegiate sports teams, and recently received her Bachelors In Anatomy degree from Parker University.

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